Jul 2023

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Featured in Young Company Finance Scotland's July Newsletter

Source: Young Company Finance Scotland

Eve has been featured in Young Company Finance Scotland's July Newsletter, read on to get to know veterinary surgeon, immunologist, clinical pathologist, and founder of MI:RNA, Eve Hanks!

📌 What is your background?
I am a veterinary surgeon and have been in practice for 12 years now. However, alongside this work with cats, dogs, horses, cows, and sheep (among others!), I have continued to study and have a post graduate certificate in medicine and a PhD in immunology. I was then working as a clinical pathologist, which involves predominantly interpretation of diagnostic tests, for Scotland’s Rural College prior to the creation of MI:RNA

📌 How did you come to set up MI:RNA?
I realised that we could move away from older, protein-based technologies, which tell us about end stage disease, and use nucleotides with modelling to understand and react to early disease.

📌 What does MI:RNA do?
We decode disease. We look at the whole disease pathway and make diagnostic, predictions of disease progression and illuminate new potential therapeutics in the process. Our main purpose, however, is to provide the most valuable diagnostic information that we can to clinicians. Early diagnosis means more time with our pets and that’s really important to us.

📌 What impact do you want to make?
By providing tangible and practical diagnostic solutions to vets, we want to improve the quality of life and longevity of all of our animals. In clinic, this means we can help our pets to live happier, longer lives whilst on farm, we can improve welfare, protect consumer safety and drastically reduce the environmental impact of agriculture by controlling disease. Did you know that, sadly, 1 in 5 farm animals die from disease? That is something we are desperate to change.

📌 What is one piece of advice you’d give a budding entrepreneur?
Try to enjoy the whole process, it’s not all about exit and investment raises, it’s about building something with your expertise that can change the future. Be proud of what you are doing!

Source: https://www.ycfscotland.co.uk

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