Oct 2021

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Vet start-up launches cardiac health test

Source: by Paul Imrie - Vet times

MI:RNA – a spin-off from Scotland’s Rural College, with vet and clinical researcher as chief executive – hopes test will revolutionise veterinary diagnostics by allowing earlier detection.

A vet-led company successfully spun out from Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) has launched its first test focused on early detection of heart disease in companion animals.

MI:RNA, founded in 2019, has been involved in a period of research and development with the aim of tackling lack of accurate diagnostic testing for early-stage disease, but has now launched the NEMO (NExtgen Mirna testing with Optimisation) cardiac health test.

The heart disease test for cats and dogs can identify accurately diseased from non-diseased patients at a presymptomatic stage, with a blood sample.


Using biomarkers with a bespoke artificial intelligence model, it is hoped the test has the potential to revolutionise diagnostics by allowing earlier detection of disease.

Eve Hanks – a vet with a background in clinical work, research and clinical pathology – is chief executive of MI:RNA and said plans would now be made to expand cardiac testing to the equine market.


Dr Hanks said: “The next few months are incredibly exciting for MI:RNA as we launch our first test. Our team has pulled together to work towards a successful launch and, luckily, we have a great veterinary community behind us.

“We will continue our relationship with SRUC as we begin our production animal research and identify new disease targets.”

The initial test focuses on blood samples, but has the potential to be used with milk, faeces, urine or saliva, so could make mass testing more efficient and cost-effective in the agricultural sector.

Source: https://www.vettimes.co.uk/news/vet-start-up-launches-cardiac-health-test/

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